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In the interim, the North Mountain Cultural & Recreation Association has asked the following be communicated:
North Mountain Cultural & Recreation Association

Dear Friends,

Greetings from your Association. Over the last few years with covid-19 restrictions, we haven’t been able to have some of our main fund raising events.  However, with government and county grants, plus donations we were able to stay fairly viable.

We thought this would be a good time to remind you who we are, what we do, when, where and why. We have a number of new board members this year who are willing and eager to get some new things going. We are revising our contact list and communication methods to make sure we get our information out to everybody.

We are a small group of community volunteers who have worked over the years to support the rich history of our community through fund raising, public donations, Government grants, support from Inverness County, hosting various events in our hall and at the shore in service to our communities.

We have or host a variety of events such as:
-  Family Weekend: a 3-day event including a dinner at our community hall, games, BBQ, poker run and entertainment at the beach.
- A launch way together with power, parking, and a small concert stage.
- We are an advertised entrance to the Trans Canada Trail water way for kayaks.
- Pot luck or ham and salad suppers.
- Games night weekly with darts and cards, etc.
- A small library where you can access or donate books, puzzles’ cd’s etc.
- Wi-Fi is available at our community hall.
- We provide a roped off area in the water at the beach for a safe swimming experience for your children.
- Beach area is equipped with two toilets, two change houses and picnic tables.
- Gazebos at the hall and beach area are great for pictures or a quiet place to enjoy the beautiful view.
- Memorial garden and other small garden areas created by our green thumb members.
- One of the most beautiful scenic look off areas in Cape Breton Island.
- We do litter clean up, including recycling where possible which also helps to raise funds and keep our property in pristine condition.
- Our Community Hall houses Historical Artifacts covering our quarry history and we continue to develop this area of our history for display.

Our activities begin with our Board of Directors meeting in May of each year to begin preparations for the season ahead such as setting events or dates and business at hand. We will have our Annual meeting of members in June and we encourage community members to attend and bring any new ideas you may have to our attention.

NMC&RA’s mailing address is our Community Hall at 5643 Marble Mountain Road, Marble Mountain, NS, B0E 3K0. The Association also owns the wharf, road to the beach and most of the shore area. We have a signed agreement with the Provincial Government to manage the beach.

We are a small group of community volunteers who believe that our proud history should be preserved and shared with our community, visitors and tourists. We believe that we become better people when we work together, support and help one another making our communities stronger.

As you can see, any help you could give us would be appreciated, whatever your interest. Just let me know and we’ll talk.


Donations to support our activities can be made to NMC&RA at the above address. Tax Deductible